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revised itinerary

Revised itinerary

We arrive at Osaka airport (KIX) on March 6. Travel to Kyoto same day.
Stay in Kyoto from 3/6-3/12.
Travel from Kyoto to Uno and Naoshima Island. Stay at Benesse House through 3/14.
Return to Kyoto on 3/15.
Travel to Echizen for the day on 3/16.
Travel to Miyama-cho, Nantan on 3/17. Stay in Miyama through 3/20.
Return to Kyoto on 3/20 through 3/22.
Return to Osaka airport (KIX) on 3/22.

Can you advise us on what type of pass(s) would be best?

Thank you, Gideon.


Hi Gideon,

That's actually a pretty hard itinerary to match a pass to. Let's have a look at train ticket prices and see what would work out best:

Kansai Airport - Kyoto ¥ 3,280
Kyoto - Uno ¥ 8,880
Uno - Kyoto ¥ 8,880
Kyoto - Takefu (Echizen) ¥ 4,500
Takefu - Hiyoshi (for Miyama) ¥ 6,370
Miyajama - Kyoto ¥ 740
Kyoto - Kansai Airport ¥ 3,280

Your travel it spread out too much for a 7 day JR Pass. What you could consider is using a Kansai Wide Pass for travel to and from Uno. The Kansai Wide pass would help you make some nice savings as it is 7,000yen and can be used for the return. However at the same time it is not very convenient as it does not offer seat reservations.

Hope this helps!

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