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regarding to jr pass during my trip

Regarding to JR pass during my trip


I have come up with my finalize itinerary as below, and i am looking to purchase the JR pass 7 days, but i realize that I cannot use much of it while i am in Kyoto, therefore may i ask your professional opinion if i may be able to purchase the Kyoto Sightseeing Two-day Pass Adult ¥2,000 that can reach most of the tourist spot in Kyoto?

Tokyo 3-4 April (Will purchase tokyo 3 days pass within tokyo)
Takaragawa 7-8 April (I will start activation of the JR pass from 7 April)
Hakone 8-9 April
Kyoto 9-12 April
Kinosaki Onsen 12-13 April
Osaka 13-14 April

Do you mind to let me know the JR train routine stations name that i can take from one to another for my itinerary please? As i am really confuse with all the transit and stations.

By the way, do you mind to let me know some japan local website for room booking, as i am still trying to book for kyoto and osaka however from, Agoda, or Japanican it seems most are fully booked, or i am not sure if the availability is not open for booking yet.

Lastly, me and my partner are looking to get out pre-wedding picture shooting done in japan as it is such a beautiful country. I had come across La-vie photography, but the price is quite above average. Maybe do you have any information/ website/ studio for photo shooting? If no it is fine as well, as understand that this is completely out of question regarding to the JR pass Q&A.


Hi there,

To start with travel in Kyoto, I would suggest buying a 500yen day bus ticket which covers all buses within Kyoto and will get you all around the city.

For Tokyo, Kyoto, Kinosaki-Onsen en Osaka station names are the same as the place names. For the Tarakagawa there are different options. The details can be found on this website. For Hakone, travel to Odawara station, this is the Shinkansen station

I think that you've already used some of the better booking websites. Other alternatives could be Rakuten travel, hostelworld and maybe expedia. Some hotels only list availability 90 days in advance, so it could be worth it to check a bit later on.

I wish I could give you some pointers to find a photograph for your photo shoot. Unfortunately this is something out of my field of experience. You could however try asking this at a general Japan forum such as Gaijin Pot.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Do you mind to let me know the transit station, as some of my destination will need to transit from one to another. As for my destination below listed will not have direct train to reach base on my knowledge, hence i will need your professional information that which station i can transit for the shortest way to reach my destination by Shinkansen / Train. Please kindly let me know the stations name, your help is much appreciated!

I will list down as below for a more clear picture for myself:

1) From tokyo to Takaragawa Jomokogen [ Max Tanigawa Super Express No 411 from tokyo at 12:40 to Jomokogen 13:54] - This is the direction provided by the ryokan in Takaragawa, may i ask is the timing provided will be the same on a daily basis?

2) From Takaragawa to Hakone ( stay at Fujimen Kanagawa)

3) From Hakone to Kyoto

4) From Kinosaki Onsen to Osaka

Thank you!


Hi again.

I'd advise having a look at our "how to plan with Hyperdia" blog post. Here you can learn how find the best route for yourself, very handy in any event.

Now let's have a look at your routes.

1.) Generally routes are the same each day, however the route can differ depending on what time of day you travel. Be sure to check ahead with

2.) The station closest to Takaragawa is Minakawa. The Shinkansen station for Hakone is Odawara. Here is the route in Hyperdia.

3.) The route is direct by Shinkansen from Odawara to Kyoto station.

4.) There are also direct trains between Kinosaki-Onsen and Osaka.

Hope this helps,

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