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rail pass or standard ticket? 7 or 14 days?

Rail pass or standard Ticket? 7 or 14 Days?

I am travelling to Japan from Australia with a friend. I was just wondering what the most economical way to get around would be, whether to buy a rail pass or just purchase standard rail tickets, and if I buy rail passes, whether to get 7 day or 14 day ones.

Our itinerary is as follows:

Monday 18 Nov: Arrive Tokyo (staying in Tokyo for 8 nights)
Tuesday 26 Nov: Travel by train to Osaka (staying in Osaka for 5 nights)
Sunday 1 Dec: Travel by train to Kyoto (staying in Kyoto for 4 nights)
Thursday 5 Dec: Travel by train back to Tokyo (staying in Tokyo for 2 nights)
Saturday 7 Dec: Leave Tokyo to return to Australia

While staying in Tokyo we will mostly be using the Keio/Inokashira Line, Fukutoshin Line as well as the Odakyu Line.

Any help would be great appreciated.



After looking into prices of normal train tickets the approximate costs are:

Tokyo - Osaka = 14240 yen
Osaka - Kyoto = 620 yen
Kyoto - Tokyo = 13540 yen
Total = 28400 yen

14 day rail pass = 45100 yen

Therefore I am thinking it will be more economical just to purchase normal, separate train tickets rather than a rail pass..does this sound about right?


Hi There!

Your calculations are correct!
I would suggest a 7 day JR Pass if you make the return Tokyo - Kyoto/Osaka within 7 days, however since you have the luxury of more time, it is better to buy tickets as you travel. A 14 day JR Pass could of course pay of if you decide on some additional travel, for instance a visit to Hiroshima would quickly pay of!

I hope this helps!

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