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preparation for 2 weeks in japan

Preparation for 2 weeks in Japan

Hey Everyone,

In just under two months I will be exploring Japan for two weeks. Below is my current itinerary (very flexible and open to suggestions). I have also purchased a 14 day JR rail pass. I thought this would be very useful to getting around from place to place.

Day 1: Melbourne to Osaka
Day 2: Osaka
Day 3: Osaka
Day 4: Osaka > Hiroshima
Day 5: Hiroshima
Day 6: Hiroshima
Day 7: Hirosima > Kyoto
Day 8: Kyoto
Day 9: Kyoto
Day 10: Kyoto > Nagano
Day 11: Nagano
Day 12: Nagano >Tokyo
Day 13: Tokyo
Day 14: Tokyo
Day 15: Tokyo > Melbourne

Planning on doing a few day trips to visit places such as Nara, Miyajima

Would love to hear peoples thoughts about this itinerary and what alterations could be made.

Also, can anyone clarify what trains I am meant to catch between these places? Bit confused lol.

Thanks in advance,



Hi Leigh,

From reading your plans, I can tell you that it looks very good route wise. It is very efficient and you get a see a lot of great places. Most of your travel is done using the Shinkansen, which are the high speed bullet trains.

I've made a map for you HERE and marked all places which you plan to visit on it, so you get an idea of train lines involved. The Blue lines are the Shinkansen.

Again, I think your itinerary looks very good and I would not really alter anything, there's a good balance between places to see and the amount of time you spend in each place. Maybe 3/4 days in Hiroshima is on the long side, if you have some time there a visit to Onomichi is something I would highly recommend!

I hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel,

BIG help!! Thank-you.

When I'm traveling from Hiroshima to Kyoto do I get off at Osaka and catch another Shinkansen? And similar when traveling to Nagano, get off Tokyo and switch Shinkansens? And would you recommend booking in advance?

I'll check out Onomichi!




Hi Leigh,

Yes there's always a transfer involved if you travel on the Shinkansen past Osaka, going either up north to Kyoto/Nagoya/Tokyo or down south to Hiroshima, Fukuoka and Kyushu. It is the same when you travel to Nagano, you make a transfer between Shinkansen at Tokyo station. Alternatively you can take the Shinkansen to Nagoya and take a limited express train to Nagano.

I don't think that you require to reserve your tickets long in advance, since you are not traveling on special holidays and trains have many seats and depart very frequently. However you can make all the reservations you want once you are in Japan with your JR Pass.

Hope this helps too!

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