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please advise jr pass type

please advise JR pass type

we have 10 days trip in Japan during 4-14 Dec,2014 as details
Day 1 : arrive at Narita Airport in the afternoon, stay overnight at Ueno area
Day 2 : visit Nikko and back to Tokyo
Day 3 : to Kamakura & Yokohama and back to Tokyo
Day 4 : to Hakone and stay overnight there
Day 5 : move to Kawaguchiko and have sleepover at Kawaguchiko
Day 6 : to Takayama and have a night there
Day 7 : to Shirakawa-go and back to Matsumoto for staying night there
Day 8 : to Kusatsu and overnight there
Day 9 : back to Tokyo, at Ueno area
Day 10 : travel around Tokyo and prepare going to Narita Airport in the evening

According to the above route, what is the most valuable type of JR pass should we purchase to cover our trp experience in Japan?

Thank you & kind regards


Hello Poonsri,

I think that the 7 day JR Pass will offer the best value - with a bit of planning added in!

The most expensive parts of your itinerary are travel to Takayama, Kusatsu and the day trip to Nikko. You would make great savings if you could cover them all, which in itself should not be hard when you use the JR Pass from day 2 to day 8.

You could then consider the 1500 Yen Narita Express ticket for your arrival and purchase a normal return ticket to Narita on the last day.

Hope this helps,

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