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places of interest chosen for itinerary check using 14 day rail pass in 18 days

Places of interest chosen for Itinerary Check using 14 day rail pass in 18 days

Hello, I thank you for your help on previous questions. We have chosen these points of interest for our 18 day holiday, and the 14 day rail pass will finish in Osaka, where we will spend 4 remaining final days before departing. I would like your opinion of the best way to see what we have chosen using the rail pass. We will spend a few days each in Toyko and Kyoto.

As you know, we fly into Osaka.


At present I have marked on the train map a route from Osaka up to Takayama, up to Toyama, down to Matsumoto, up to Nagano and through to Omiya. Travelling up to Sendai, continuing onto Hirosaki, via bullet. Is it worth going inland at Morioka on the way back down and doing the inland route coming out at Fukushima? We then would do Nikko as we retrace our path back to Tokyo. Tokyo to Kyoto via bullet, then onto Hiroshima, reversing our path back to Osaka.

Thank you very much for your help. I feel better at having placed our points of interest. Would you agree that all those points are well worth it to give us a memorable holiday in your country.


Hi again!

First, Yes! I think it looks like a great trip. Also making a loop is a good idea.
If you go all the way up to Sendai consider a visit to Yamadera.

Upper Honshu (the area between Tokyo and Hokkaido) is traveled less than other parts of Japan by foreign visitors.However there are some really beautiful sights around there, like Lake Tazawa and the area around Hiraizumi. But it does require some extra planning as travel times can be a bit long.

From Morioka, Kakunodate and Akita make for good visits too.

When you head back south Nikko is worth a visit for sure as well!

For the rest, I don't have much to add to it as it works out really well. Hope you will have a lovely journey and a great time in Japan!

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