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osaka to kyoto to tokyo

osaka to kyoto to tokyo


I 'll arrive at kansai airport. I plan to do the tour starting from osaka then to kyoto and lastly tokyo. I also want to go to mt fuji. I will stay at osaka fnightsighrs, kyoto 2 nights and tokyo 2 nights.

I will do an extensive tour at those areas respectively. for example during the stay in osaka , I 'll go to the aquarium , the outlet and etc.

22 arrive kansai airport
23 tour osaka
24travel to kyoto and tour kyoto
25 kyoto tour
26 travel to tokyo and tour tokyo
27mt fuji
28 depart haneda airport

what type of ticket should I buy? ???
I'm confoius because JR pass has mant type such as east, west , central and etc....
is it worth to buy suica and nex card for my traveling? ???


Hi again Ummi,

I posted a replay to your questions in your other topic.

Something I think you may like is the Osaka Unlimited Pass which is a great deal if you plan on doing a good amount of sightseeing there.

Hope this helps!

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