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osaka to kyoto or kobe

osaka to kyoto or kobe

i am arriving at late evening at Osaka on May 2 at 8 pm. Assume it takes 1.5 hours for custom clearing. it takes me 9:30 pm free to take train to Kyoto.

What would be our choice to go to Kyoto by train? and how long does it take?

or it would be faster if I go to Kobe from Osaka ?



By arriving I'm assuming you mean to Kansai Airport.

Haruka 46 to Kyoto takes about 76 minutes according to Hyperdia - from Kansai Airport leaves at 21:25
the next one isn't until 22:16
I suggest this because you don't have to change at all.

Kobe involves changing trains at Shin Osaka at least and takes longer.


Hi there,

I agree with Seki, taking the Haruka Express to Kyoto is by far the best way to travel to Kyoto, although you could use local trains as well if you wish to travel on a budget.

Osaka is slightly closer to Kansai Airport but you may still need a lot of time traveling into the city, depending on where you have an accommodation.

For travel to Kobe, I'd actually advise using the high speed ferry. That takes about 45-60 minutes and is the fastest way.

Hope this helps,

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