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osaka - kyoto - nara - tokyo in dec

Osaka - Kyoto - Nara - Tokyo in Dec


Can I please get your advice on my itinerary.
We will be arriving at Kansai airport, and here's my proposed itinerary.
We didn't want to spend the nite at Kyoto or Nara as we are traveling in large group and it's easier to do a day trip there.

day 1 - Arrive at Kansai early morning then continue journey from Osaka to Kyoto
day 2 - Osaka to Nara
day 3 - Osaka to Tokyo
day 6 - Tokyo to Osaka

Is it better to go to Kyoto or Nara first on day 1, considering that the day will end sooner in winter.
We have a 7 days JR rail pass.
On our way back from Tokyo to Osaka - is there any place that we can visit? Please recommend.



Hi Faith,

Good idea about the day trips to Kyoto and Nara, especially if you're in a big group.

I think I may recommend Nara for day 1. Although the Nara journey time from Osaka is slightly longer than the Kyoto journey, the sightseeing areas are much more compact and accessible (1 bus from the station should get you to the Daibutsu and so on), so if people get tired in the afternoon/evening, you can all get back to Osaka feeling satisfied.

Also, there's so much to see that I think Kyoto requires a full day's worth of energy. It'd be best to go there once you're fully rested.

On the way back from Tokyo to Osaka, I imagine you'll be using the Hikari Bullet Train and so will be stopping at these stops. Of these stops, you could get off at Odawara and make your way up a little of Hakone and Mt Fuji using the Odakyu rail system (separate charge). Or could have a look around Yokohama, which is a great city.

Hope this helps!

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