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osaka - kobe - tokyo - hakone - nagano - kyoto - osaka

Osaka - Kobe - Tokyo - Hakone - Nagano - Kyoto - Osaka


I trying to plan an itinerary for 7 people (6 adults, 1 child) and am looking at a variety of passes.

I initially wanted to go with a 3 day JR West Pass for the Osaka & Kobe part of the trip, and the JR 7 day Pass for the rest, but have since realised that JR lines are not very prominent in Kyoto. Furthermore, using this option would not allow me to cover the airport journey from Kyoto to KIX, and spending approximately $300 per person for a 7 day pass isn't the cheapest option.

I am now looking at using an 14 day ICOCO pass in Kansai and a SUICA pass in Kanto as I wanted the flexibility of moving between JR lines and private railways. However, I am not sure if this would help me to limit costs given the amount of train travel we would be doing.

So to ask: which pass would be the most cost effective, while giving the best reach possible?

Thank you!


Hello there,

It would depend on how many days you'd spend in each place what kind of pass would be the most cost efficient. For instance if you'd make the return Kansai - Tokyo within 7 days, then a 7 day JR Pass would be a very good option. I can find the best option for you if you let me know your itinerary, including dates spend in each place.

Hope to hear from you!

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Hi Daniel

At this point in time, we are really basing all travels on where I would fit the 7 Day pass.

At the moment, it looks something like this:

14 - 17 Jan: Osaka
17 - 22 Jan: Tokyo
22 - 24 Jan: Kyoto
24 Jan: KIX

I am currently looking at a combination where I use the ICOCA + Haruka for 14 days, and then interposing the JR 7 Day Pass from the 16 - 22 of Jan, during which time I would attempt as many Day trips as possible.

From your expertise, would this be recommendable?

Just some questions with the ICOCA Pass though:
1. Assuming I buy one ICOCA pass using Y1500 + Y500 desposit, roughly how many intercity trips would the Y1500 last for?
2. Can ICOCA pass be used in Tokyo on all trains, whether it be JR and non-JR? As I would like for something to cover the non-JR lines in Tokyo, without having to buy a SUICA pass if possible.

Thanks so much!


Hi Michelle,

Yes I that that would be a good basis for your travel in Japan. Going to your questions.

1.) Travel within cities generally is 150-250 yen for a one way trip (the average tends to be around 190yen/per ride). Outside cities it really depends on the distance but even there it does not have to cost a ton. For instance Kyoto - Osaka is 560yen. The 1,500yen is meant as a start, it is always possible to put more money on the ICOCA card.

2.) The ICOCA card is valid on pretty much anything, you can even pay some taxis with it. ICOCA and SUICA are interchangeable so you just need one.

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