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one night in kyoto

One night in Kyoto

Hi all,

I am spending one night in Kyoto and am confused by the many options available in the city,

What would you advise as "must-see" in Kyoto, given my limited time? And any must-visit restaurant?

My husband and I love good food, and am quite content with 1- good spots. It's not about going to as many places as possible, but about the enjoyment and quality of time.

I was thinking of the following, though am happy to hear the your views. Am travelling end Mar/ start of April.

Again, many thanks!

Must-sees (or so I think):
- Fushini Inari shrine - Kiyomizu dera shrine - walk around Gion


Hi there!

I think if you are visiting for just 1 night, then I think you have the best "Must sees". You may want to interchange visiting the golden kinkakuji temple, but as this is quite out of the way it may be better to save that for a future visit due to time constraints.

Restaurant wise, I recommend eating in the Gion area if you can. Your hotel should be able to give good recommendations, but a top thing to do is to just wander into Gion and try and reserve during the day at a restaurant that catches your eye. It would be hard to find a bad one in that area I think! As a starter, how about a traditional Kaiseki meal at the Gion Maruyama? (for the super hungry!)

Hope this helps!

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