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nrt - tokyo - hakone - kyoto - osaka - kobe - kix

NRT - Tokyo - Hakone - Kyoto - Osaka - Kobe - Kix


I will be arriving in Japan and would like some advice on transportation and routing.

Oct 4-7 Tokyo
Oct 8 Hakone
Oct 9-12 Kyoto
Oct 13-14 Osaka
Oct 15 Kobe
Oct 16 Osaka/Kix

1) Is the JR pass worth it based on the above routing?

I have researched online and I m considering the following option:

Tokyo to Hakone: Hakone Free Pass
Tokyo to Kyoto: Puratto Kodama Pass
Kyoto to Osaka: Local train
Osaka to Kobe: Hanshin Tourist pass 1 day
In each city, we plan to purchase the 1 day bus and subway pass.

2) Would this option be more cost effective than the JR pass?
3). I don't really want to go back to tokyo from Hakone. Are there any other options that will take us from Hakone to Kyoto for roughly the same price
4) I read some where that JR pass allows stop overs depending on distance travelled, is this true?
ie. If I was to buy a one JR pass from tokyo to Kyoto, can i hop on and off at Hakone, nagoya, cities in between my trip.
5) Are there any other passes that are worth buying passed on our itinerary above?

Thanks in advance for you help. Greatly appreciate it.


Hi Elaine,

Welcome to the Forum.

1&2.) I think going for normal tickets/the packages you found, would be the best option for this itinerary. The JR Pass would have been good if you - for instance - made a return Tokyo - Kyoto.

3.) You can use Odawara station to travel from Hakone --> Kyoto. This is the Shinkansen station at the base of Hakone and on the route between Tokyo - Kyoto.

4.) Yes, the JR Pass allows for unlimited travel. You can get on the train whenever you feel like it.

5.) You've done your research well and there's not really an other pass.You could however consider the 1,500yen Narita Express ticket for your arrival.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Daniel!

If I was to buy a one way bullet train ticket from tokyo to Kyoto, can I make stops in between without having to pay additional fees? If this is possible, I was thinking of stopping in Odawara/hakone for one night and than hop back on the train to kyoto.

elainec more thing.

I would like to buy 2 passes, the puratto kodama pass and hakone pass. I would buy the passes before departing tokyo. I use hakone pass to get to hakone and instead of going back to tokyo, can i get on the train around kakone using the puratto kodama pass and head for kyoto?



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