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Dear Explore Japan staff,

This July, my fiancee and I want to stay in Nikko 1 night, then travel to Yudanaka (2 nights), and finally to Tsumago (1 night). I've been trying to figure out how to travel (train, bus?) but it's still unclear to me. What would you advise?

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Hi Jacky,

Japan definitely is a rail country by day and a night bus country by night. For your itinerary, rail travel is also something I would recommend. All places you wish to visit have a rail station.

As for routing, the places you wish to visit are somewhat apart. So you'll have to make a couple of transfers and spend some time on the train.

Here are the routes:
Nikko - Yudanaka

Yudanaka - Nagiso. You can take a local bus from Nagiso station to Tsumago.

Hope this helps,

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