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need jr pass or not???

Need JR pass or not???

Wondering if I even needs to purchase any of the JR pass. Will be landing in Tokyo on March 21, 2015 in the evening. Won't really start exploring Tokyo until the next day. Will the pass helps get into Tokyo city from the airport? Will be in Tokyo until March 28th? Do you know if anime expo available that weekend? From tokyo will wonder over to Kyoto and Osaka. Eventually needs to head back to Tokyo to fly out on April 1st. Will it hard to purchase tickets while in the city? The train railway seems really confusing. Any help I can get is really appreciated.



Hi there,

Reading your question, I get that feeling that you are still unfamiliar with (train) travel in Japan.
The Japan National tourist Organisation has a great introduction to traveling on trains in Japan. You can find it HERE and it is certainly worth reading if you are still somewhat confused.

As for a JR Pass, I think that one would be useful if you travel from Kyoto to Tokyo and back. This because the pass the about the same price as a normal return ticket. Basically any additional travel you use the pass for is free. The JR Pass does cover travel to and from the airport.

Hope this helps,

PS: I don't know when the Anime Expo will be in 2015.

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