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narita airport to kyoto

Narita Airport to Kyoto

My husband an I arrive at Narita Airport at 9am, 19 Aug 2016 and wish to catch the shinkansen to Kyoto directly from the airport. Our questions are;
1. what time train should we book to allow time to get through customs?
2. how long is the journey? what time we would we arrive?
3. what is the cost?
4. should this be booked as a single trip, or part of a rail pass? we wish to return to Tokyo and then leave Narita on the 24th Aug.
5. who is this booked through?
many thanks, sarah

Hi there,

You can find any train route with details using, here is an example route Narita Airport to Kyoto. You can set the date/time to your own liking at the bottom of the page.

The JR Pass covers the full route and I recommend using a 7 day JR Pass if you can make the return Narita Airport - Kyoto - Tokyo with it.

You can book the JR Pass online here, ticket reservations can be made once you are in Japan.

Hope this helps,

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