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narita- disney sea-shinjuku-fuji q- osaka(nara and kyoto) - odaiba

Narita- disney sea-Shinjuku-fuji Q- Osaka(nara and Kyoto) - Odaiba

We to Japan dec 22 arrival around 11 am Narita terminal 2. bus no.2 to mitsui then check-in narita nikko hotel dec 23 - narita to Disney sea-narita nikko hotel
dec 24 narita to shinjuku staying in sunroute plaza shinjuku
dec 25-shinjuku to Fuji- q staying at Fuji Highland
dec 26 hopefully Hakone going to Osaka staying at kansai Washington hotel
dec 27- universal studio - dotomburi - kansai washington hotel
dec28- kyoto-umeda- kansai washington
dec 29- kansai washington - nara if possible himeji- washington shinjuku
dec 30- Odaiba Comiket-washington shinjuku
dec 31- snow monkey nagano - open to suggestion
jan 1 Narita airport
should i buy 7 day pass and start using it on the 25th ? or is it better to switch day 27 and 29th sked. ? or should i buy fuji pass 2 days then kansai pass? how about going around tokyo 1 day pass for dec 23-24 . we are party of 4 .Kindly indicate which shinkansen route i will take. I am looking forward for your expert advice regarding this matter. Thank you very much .

belinda fajardo
belinda fajardo

Hi there,

Using a 7 day JR Pass to visit Kyoto and Nagano will help you make considerable saving compared to buying normal tickets. The best way, would be to use a 7 day JR Pass from dec 26 - jan 1st. This would give you the best coverage and savings.

You can use the Shinkansen from Odawara station in Hakone to travel on the Kyoto station directly. There is basically just one Shinkansen route between Tokyo - Osaka, which is the Tokaido Shinkansen. I recommend familiarizing yourself with this route, because it makes navigating very easy. You can also use the Shinkansen from Tokyo station directly to Nagano.

Hope this helps,

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