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Nagoya to Tokyo

I'm planning to visit Japan from 28th November to 3rd Dec 2014. My flight will arrive in Nagoya. What train should i take if my hotel is around Asakusa area and is it worth to buy the 7 day rail pass? I'm also planning to visit Universal Studio Japan and Disneyland Japan. Thanks.


Hello there,

A JR Pass could certainly be worth considering, however it is hard to say for sure without knowing your full itinerary. If you make the following itinerary Nagoya - Tokyo and Disneyland - Osaka and Universal Studio and return to Nagoya. Then a JR Pass would certainly be useful!

For travel from Nagoya - Tokyo, first travel to Tokyo station using the Shinkansen. From Tokyo station take a local train service (the Yamanote line) to Ueno. Here you can transfer to the Tokyo Metro for Asakusa.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Daniel San


Hi Daniel San,

I have a few questions regarding the JR pass. For example, if i purchase a JR pass, do i still need to pay tickets for any destination that i will be going? For example my itineraries is Nagoya-Tokyo (Disneyland)-Mount Fuji-Osaka (universal studio)-Nagoya. If not, that mean the 7 days pass will be worth for the itineraries right? My travelling date confirmed on 29th Nov till 6th Dec? Is it a peak season? Thanks in advance.


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