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my visit in kyoto

My visit in Kyoto

Hi can you help me check on my itinerary which i will be arriving Kansai Airport on 18/10/2016 and my first stop will be kyoto

Day 1

  1. Kyoto Tower
  2. Nishi Hongaji -12-15 min -close at 5:30pm (10-15 min walk from Kyoto Station)
  3. Toji Temple -18 min (500 Yen or 800 yen during special oeping of pagoda) near toji station
  4. Shimogamo -21 min from Toji Temple- close at 5pm (15 minute walk from Demachi-Yanagi Station on the Keihan Line. Alternatively, Kyoto City Bus number 4 bound for Kamigamojinja-mae can be taken from the station to Shimogamojinja-mae bus stop (5 minutes, 230 yen) directly beside the shrine.
  5. KitanoTenmangu Shrine-40 min-Bus # 50 & 101, Karasuma Subway Line to Imadegawa Station and catch the 102 or 203 bus to the shrine
  6. Nijo Castle-22 min-bus #101 (5stop -230 yen)
  7. Nishiki Market-20 min-bus #101(3 stop- 230 yen)

Day 2

  1. Sagano Scenic Railway
  2. Tenryu Ji Temple (600Yen)8.30-5.30-bus #28 (12 min) 900 m
  3. Monkey Park
  4. Togetsukyo Bridge (8min) 650 m
  5. Kameyama Koen (15 min) 1KM
  6. Bamboo forest (4 min) 300m
  7. Nonomiya Jinja Shrine (4min) 300m
  8. Jojakkoki Temple (300 Yen) 9.00-5.00pm-bus #28 (11 min) 750m
  9. Nison –in Temple (7 min) 550 m
  10. Gyo-ji Temple
  11. Seiryoji Temple (8 min) 650 m
  12. Daikaku-ji Temple (500 Yen) 9.00-4.00- bus#28 (arashiyama-sago) (13min) 1 km
  13. Osawa Pond near daikakuji
  14. Otagi Nenbutsu-ji Temple(optional) It's bus No.64 and 84 going to Kiyotaki. Tell the driver that you want to get off at Otagi Nembutsuji.Bus stop name is Otagideramae. After the visit, walk down towards Toriimoto preserved townhouses area

Day 3

  1. Tofuku-ji Temple
  2. Unyuin Temple
  3. Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine
  4. Daigo-ji Temple
  5. Kinkaku-ji Temple
  6. Philosopher’s Path
  7. Ginka ku-ji Temple
  8. Nanzen-ji

day 4

  1. Kiyomizu Dera Temple (300 Yen)6.00am-5.30pm
  2. Sannena-zaka –bus #206 drop off kiyomizu-michi (11 min)
  3. Ninen-zaka (5 min)
  4. Kodai-ji Temple (500 Yen) 9.00-4.30pm –bus#206 higashiyama –yasui (7min)
  5. Maruyama Park (8 min)
  6. Chion-in Temple (3min)
  7. Shoren-in Temple(500 Yen) 9.00-5.00pm-Tozai Subway line (5min)
  8. Yasaka Jinja Shrine (11 min)
  9. Gion Shinbashi (3 min)
  10. Kennin-ji Temple (4 min)
  11. Ponto-cho ( 14 min)

I will be staying Urban Hotel Minima Kusatsu from 18 -20 and 21 will be staying at guest house higashiyama

Need your advise on the
2) transport from Kansai airport to Kyoto ( i'm thinking ICOCA and HARUKA -one way)
3) my transport from day 1 til day 4 (i'm thinking of using daily bus ticket but not sure which day will use bus ticket more than 2 times)
4) any subway/train package for me to use during my stay at Urban Hotel?


Hi there,

1.) You should become a professional itinerary planner, this is all very detailed and punctual. The lists look good to me and fun to do. Though it may be a bit much, for some.

2.) I would use one ICOCA + Haruka Package as well. Its simply too convenient and good value.

3.) You could also consider renting a bike, this is a lot more fun (and you will see a lot more), as long as the weather is good. Alternatively, day bus tickets are a good option. They are 500yen for full day, while a single ride has a cost of 230yen.

4.) See 3 :)

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Hi Daniel San,

Thanks for your prompt reply

1)Is it advisable for me to use JR Kansai Area Pass for 4 consecutive day ?if based on the location i stay which is Urban Hotel Minami Kusatsu (JR Minami Kusatsu station) , it will cost me around 400 -480 Yen (estimated price from google map) to reach Kyoto Station.Meaning to say that one day i will use around 1,300-1,500 Yen per day if including daily bus for me to travel to above attraction point.

2)If i'm using Kansai Area Pass, then i can use unlimited JR train and buses from hotel to Kyoto station,attraction area either by train or bus and also from Kansai Airport to Kyoto.

3) i will be traveling back to Osaka on 5th day, what type of transport would you recommend? train or bus?is there any place i can stop by for few hour before i reach Osaka?


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