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my 14days of trip in japan with jr rail pass on the selected days

my 14days of trip in Japan with JR Rail Pass on the selected days

Hi there,

I'm planning to go to Japan on April'2013 and would like to see if my itinerary below will cause a bomb to my wallet. My plan is a partially backpacker trip, therefore i'm looking at cost effective way that can probably helps to save my confusion on the travel expenses and how JR Rail Pass would help me to ease my concern :))))

9 April: Landed in Osaka Kansai airport
9-11 April: Osaka
11-15 April: Depart from Osaka and stay in Kyoto
15-17 April: Depart from Kyoto and stay around Mt. Fuji
17-22 April: Depart from Mt. Fuji and Stay in Tokyo
22 April: Depart from Tokyo Haneda Airport

Appreciate your feedback and looking forward to hear from you!! :)



Hi Shying,

I don't think the JR-Pass is the best option for you, since you are only traveling one way from Osaka to Tokyo with a pit-stop around Fuji.

Current savings you could make with the JR-Pass include:
Kansai Airport --> Osaka ¥ 1,160
Osaka --> Kyoto ¥ 540
Kyoto --> Mishima ¥ 10,790 (then by bus on to Fuji)
Also from Fuji you will most likely take the bus or travel by private railway to Tokyo.

For a total of 12,490, so I would recommend that you buy the train tickets as you go.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Daniel for your prompt reply, i shall reconsider my schedule again :) have a nice day ahead!


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