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Hello there,

we have few enquiries here in regards to itinerary and of course how to most efficiently travel with JR PASS.

our plan will be as follow

Day 1 - Arrive in Tokyo Haneda and travel straight to Koya San - spend 1 night in Koya San.
Day 2 - From Koya San - Osaka - spend 1 night in Osaka.
Day 3 - From Osaka - Nara - just a day trip in Nara - Kyoto - spend 2 nights in Kyoto.
Day 4 - Kyoto
Day 5 - From Kyoto - Nagano - questions for Nagano, we would love to go to the snow monkeys and spend 1 night there, so if you could advise on how to travel there. whether we are going to Nagano or Yudanaka?
Day 6 - From Nagano - Hakone - spend 1 night there in ryokan that can view Mt.Fuji
Day 7 - From Hakone - Tokyo - spend 2 nights in Tokyo
Day 8 - Tokyo
Day 9 - Fly back

I wonder if these are a good itinerary plan and I am open if you can suggest to switch them around to make it even more efficient and how can we utilise JR pass for all these?

Thank you! Look forward for your reply ;)

Cheers XOXO


Hi there,

You will be travelling a lot and this way you will be sure to make great use of the JR Pass.

To get to Koya-san, you can't use the JR Pass all the way because there are no JR Lines all the way there. To make the best use of the JR Pass (cost wise) you can travel by local train from Kyoto or Osaka to Hashimoto station and transfer to the Nankai express from there to Gokurakubashi and Koya-san.

For travel to Nagano and the snow money park. The full route is covered by the JR Pass. You can either use the Shinkansen all the way with a transfer at Tokyo station or transfer at Nagoya station and use a ltd. express train to Nagano from there. My recommendation is the 2nd option, because its more scenic.

From Nagano to Yudanaka/Snow monkey park. Is part is not included in the JR Pass. You can use the Nagano electric railway between Nagano and Yudanaka stations. If you do not want to spend the extra money on travel, then visiting Matsumoto is a nice alternative.

Hope this helps,

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