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late arrivals

Late arrivals

I am coming on June 16th, flight at 8pm. Will I be able to get my JR validated to get to Yokohama?

Also, I will not be using trains until June 20, when my sons arrive at Narita at the same time, 8pm. I have reservations in Nikko for that night - but I looked at the scheduler - we will not be able to get there that evening, correct?
Should we just stay at the airport hotel or do you have a better suggestion?

We also will go to Kyoto (and a day trip to Hiroshima) and back to Narita, so my question is not if the JR is worth it, but should I get the 14 day for me? (we leave on June 27th).


Hi Anne,

You can activate your JR Pass at Narita Airport between 6:30 and 21:45. This should be enough to get your pass activated if you arrive around 20:00. However keep in mind that your JR Pass is counted in full days and you would use 1 entire day of your JR Pass if you activate it at 20:00. A better option may be to use a 1,500 Narita Express ticket and use the JR Pass at a later time.

For travel to Nikko on the 20th, I checked the time table but unfortunately it will be impossible to Nikko at that time. A better option would be stay in Yokohama/Tokyo and travel on the following morning.

As for the JR Pass, it would offer you amazing value if you use it for travel to Nikko - Kyoto - Hiroshima in Tokyo. I'd suggest a 7 day pass for you and use the 1,500yen ticket (mentioned earlier) for your arrival.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you - this is a great service!


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