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kyoto > kamikochi > tokyo

Kyoto > Kamikochi > Tokyo

Hello !

I would like an advice about an itinerary that we want to make in mid-july :)
Our trip will begin one week in Tokyo, then we'll go to Kyoto and Nara. Then we would like to travel to Kamikochi before returning to Tokyo again for one other week.

We'll take the JR Pass anyway but we'd like to know which part of the Kyoto > Kamikochi was possible to make with the JR Pass.

Thank you very much in advance for your answer, end sorry for my english !



Hi Vivian,

Using the JR Pass from Kyoto to Kamikochi, the best way to travel there using the JR Pass is to take the Shinkansen from Kyoto to Nagoya, then use a ltd. express train to Matsumoto and use an express bus from there to Kamikochi. Only the bus is not included in the JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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Hello Daniel-san !

Thank you very much for your fast answer. Yes it helps !
Too bad that the JR Pass doesn't work with the Nozomi trains because it's not possible to be in Matsumoto before 2pm with the other Shinkansen and our timing is short !

We'll find another place to go this year and Kamikochi will wait next year. I'm not worry about find another great place to go in Japan anyway :-D

Thank you again !

Best regards,



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