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kyoto - osaka - koya, what order makes sense?

Kyoto - Osaka - Koya, what order makes sense?

I'll be visiting Japan in October. I definitely plan to buy a JR Rail pass. After spending some time in and around Tokyo I will head to Kyoto for 3 or 4 days. After that I want to spend 2 nights in Osaka, as well as an overnight stay at the temples on Mt. Koya before heading back to Tokyo and the airport.

I also want to include day trips to Nara and to the Suntory Yamazaki whisky distillery from wherever makes sense.

My question is, does it matter what order I tackle these stops in? I don't want to waste too much time retracing my steps, or not maximizing my rail pass. I'll be starting in Kyoto, ending in Tokyo, and everything in between is open for discussion.

I'm thinking Kyoto, Koya, Osaka, then Tokyo, but your suggestions are greatly appreciated.



Hi there,

The way in which you visit Kyoto, Osaka and Koya does not really matter that much, as they are all in the Kansai area. My advise would be to visit Koya coming from Osaka, as you have to use a train from Osaka to Koya anyway.

I think you'll be pretty busy with this but it is also easy to add Nara and/or Kobe while you are in Kansai. Also be sure to return to Tokyo before the JR Pass expires, making the trip back without one can be rather costly.

Hope this helps,

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