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kyoto - akita - tokyo in 30 hours : advisable?

Kyoto - Akita - Tokyo in 30 hours : Advisable?

Hello there,

I am keen to make a trip to Nyuto Onsen and use the JR pass for myself + family.
I have finalized most of the itinerary : Booked 2 days in Kyoto + 1 night (to be decided) + Booked 2 days in Tokyo.
Below is a check question for me to finalize that one night between Kyoto and Tokyo stays.
Am waiting for your advice please

I am keen to travel to Akita / Nyuto Onsen (spend the night in a ryokan: pending decision).
Is the below possible / advisable and if yes, can I please have the Shinkansen connection timings ?

4 Oct : Leave Kyoto for Akita in the morning (as early as possible)
4 Oct : Spend the night in Akita / Nyuto Onsen
5 Oct: Need to be in JR Tokyo station by 2 PM afternoon

If the above is not possible / advisable, then can you suggest any onsen - ryokan town between Kyoto and Tokyo for me to spend the one night I have available?

Many thanks!


Hi Kinshuk,

Traveling from Kyoto - Akita is possibly, the trip takes about 400minutes. It's up to you if you find the travel time worth it to visit Nyuto Onsen.

Here are a couple of routes for you to consider. Feel free to adjust the time/date at the bottom of the page to your own liking.

There are many alternative places to enjoy onsen. Just to name a few, Matsuyama Dogo Spa, Kinosaki-onsen and Gero Onsen.

Hope this helps!

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