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koyasan & kurokawa onsen

Koyasan & Kurokawa Onsen

Hi there!

We are planning our trip to Japan and we bought a 14 days JR pass.
Our planning is as follows:
6 – 8 April Tokyo
8 – 13 April Kyoto
13 – 15 April Osaka (1 day Koyasan)
15 – 17 April Kobe
17 – 19 April Hiroshima & Miyajima
19 – 20 April Fukuoka
20 – 21 April Kurokawa Onsen
21 – 24 April Fukuoka

1) We want to activate our JR pass from 8 April until 21 April.
Is our 14 days JR Pass also valid on the 21th of April?

2) We want to do a daytrip from Osaka to Koyasan, does the JR Pass cover this journey?
If not, what's the best way to get Koyasan and how much is a return ticket?
What's the last train / bus back to Osaka?

3) From Fukuoka we will head to Kurokawa Onsen. How to get there by JR pass? Do we need to travel via Mt. Aso Station or is it recommended to take a direct bus from Hakata Station? Is this bus also covered by JR?

Many thanks!


Hi there!

1.) Yes, the JR Pass is valid for a period of 14 consecutive days, this means that the last day on which you could use the JRPass is the 21st.

2.) Unfortunately travel between Osaka - Koya-san is not covered by the JR Pass. The best way to get there is to use the Nankai Express from Namba station (in Osaka) to Gokurabashi (station for Koya). A one way ticket using a normal express train is ¥1210 and takes 90 minutes.

3.) You can either take the bus from Hakata or use the train for the first part to Kumamoto or Aso and take the bus from there. This last option should especially be considered if you have a JR Pass, as you can save on the bus fare and you can use the Shinkansen for travel between Hakata and Kumamoto. The bus itself does require a separate ticket.

I hope this helps!

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