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1. Can I make trip to Kobe & Kyoto in one day then travel back to Osaka? Can use JR pass?
2. what would you recommend for sight seeing for only 2 days in Tokyo?
3. Can JR pass b use for subways in Osaka & Tokyo?
4. Where can I take Shinkansen using JR pass From Tokyo to Haneda Airport? What is earliest & latest Shinkansen to Haneda airpot & the frequency?

Thank you

Ong Gek Lin
Ong Gek Lin

Hi there,

1.) Yes!

2.) I did an example write up some time ago, you can find it there. It includes recommendation for Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara.

3.) No, the subway/metro is not included. You can however use the JR Pass to

4.) There is no Shinkansen stop at Haneda. Instead you can use the JR Yamanote line and Tokyo Monorail to Haneda. Service is very frequent up to one train every 3 minutes during busy times and service runs between 6 am and midnight. See:

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel

Thanks for your speedy reply.

For no. 2) "find it there' is not in English. How can I obtain an English translation of the write up?

For no. 3) can i use JR Pass on the JR Yamanote Line?

Looking forward to your answer.

Ong Gek Lin

Ong Gek Lin
Ong Gek Lin

Hi again,

Sorry, somehow to link was translated to a different language.

The English version can be found here:

The Yamanote line is included in the JR Pass.

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