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kansai to hiroshima

Kansai to Hiroshima

My friend and I will be arriving on a Sunday at around 8pm, via Kansai airpot. I was wondering if it is smart to go straight to Hiroshima from the airport? Or will it be too late? I am assuming that we will be spending around 2 hours in the airport from immigration to activating JR pass, etc. Thanks!


Hi there,

Kansai Airport is pretty quick and last time it only took me 40min from landing to arrival hall. Still this can differ and it's save to at least reserve 1.5H, there may be a queue at immigration, customs or even at the JR ticket office.

My advise would be to travel to Osaka and stay near Shin-Osaka airport ideally. Than you could travel on the following morning to Hiroshima.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for the advise!


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