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kansai - okayama - kinosaki - amanohashidate - miyama - kyoto - osaka

Kansai - Okayama - Kinosaki - Amanohashidate - Miyama - Kyoto - Osaka


My wife and I are planning our 12 nights Kansai trip, could you help me check if my itinerary make sense and economical in transports? If the itinerary is okay, what is the best rail pass to use? We were looking at Kansai - Hiroshima Area Pass and Kansai Wide Area Pass, should we get both or any other suggestions?

12-Feb-16 Arrived in Kansai aiport at 6pm - Okayama (stay in Osaka and only go to Okayama next morning?)
13-Feb-16 Okayama - Himeji - Kurashiki (day trip) and Seto Oohashi bridge (Marine Line night view)
14-Feb-16 Okayama - Hiroshima - Miyajima Island
15-Feb-16 Okayama - Kinosaki Onsen
16-Feb-16 Kinosaki Onsen - Amanoshidate
17-Feb-16 Amanoshidate - Sonobe - Miyama (bus) - should we stay overnight in Miyama or straight back to Kyoto?
18-Feb-16 Miyama (bus) - Sonobe - Kyoto (?)
19-Feb-16 Kyoto
20-Feb-16 Kyoto
21-Feb-16 Kyoto - Nara day trip
22-Feb-16 Osaka - Kobe and Koya san day trip?
23-Feb-16 Osaka - explore Osaka, food & shopping
24-Feb-16 Osaka - 1/2 day - Kansai Airport - Fly home night flight

Is there luggage locker around Sonobe train station?

Thank you very much for your advice!



Hello Budi,

I do think it is for the best to stay in Osaka and travel on the following morning to Okayama. This way you can avoid possible problems in case of plane delays.

In terms of a pass, you could either look at a JR Pass for 13feb - 19feb or look at a Kansai - Hiroshima Area Pass. I personally would go for the JR Pass because it also includes seat reservations.

I also fancy the idea of staying a night around Miyama. You'll be spending a couple of nights in Kyoto already. Now you get a bit more variety.

Every train station in Japan has coinlockers, including Sonobe.

Hope this helps and happy travels!

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Thank you very much Daniel san!


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