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We'd like to take a 7 day JR Pass to go from Tokyo to Takayama, Takayama to Kanazawa, Kanazawa to Kyoto and then from Kyoto back to Narita. Does this make sense?


Hi Ken,

Yes, your route makes perfect sense. It's a good loop up into the northern Japan Alps and then around to Kyoto via the western coast - lots to see along the way and all legs are covered by the JR Pass!

In order for a 7 day rail pass to be worthwhile you need to spend over ¥28,300 (the 7 day Japan Rail Pass cost) in individual tickets. Here are your itinerary costs if tickets are purchased separately:

  1. Tokyo > Takayama: ¥14300, (275mins, 532km)
  2. Takayama > Kanazawa: ¥4180, (186mins, 148km)
  3. Kanazawa > Kyoto: ¥6710, (126mins, 224km)
  4. Kyoto > Narita airport terminal 1: ¥15930, (238mins, 592km)

TOTAL: ¥41120 for 4 legs

As you can see, the individual ticket costs are far more than the 7 day japan rail pass (¥28,300), so I can recommend it for your trip.

While you're in Kanazawa, make sure you go to the 21st century museum of contemporary art (photos) and the Japanese Garden Kenrokuen, one of the most famous of the Japanese winter gardens (photos.

Hope this helps!

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