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jr pass from osaka to tokyo

JR Pass from Osaka to Tokyo


I will be travelling from
1) Osaka - Nara - Osaka
2) Osaka - Kyoto - Osaka
3) Osaka - Tokyo
4) Tokyo - Narita

I am making Osaka as the base for my day trips. Would it be worth it to buy the JR pass based on the itinerary above or is it better to purchase single tickets? The above does not include the travel within Tokyo city and I have to make sure I am on the JR line?

BTW, what do I do with luggage? Is the courier service reliable and a common thing in Japan? What if I want to travel with my luggage on the shinkansen? There's a party of 5 in my group with 2 young children. Is there a better solution to this?



Hi there,

The JR Pass is best used when traveling longer distances in Japan. Both Osaka, Nara and Kyoto are all close together and the only longer trip I see in your itinerary is Osaka - Tokyo. With this in mind I recommend purchasing normal tickets as you explore Japan. That is unless you make a return Tokyo - Osaka.

Luggage can generally be taken aboard the Shinkansen and one suitcase per person is no problem. You can also use a luggage forwarding service, there are different services available and they are very reliable. Personally I recommend using the Takkyubin service by Yamomoto transport, although there are many others available too.

Hope this helps,

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