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jr pass for tokyo-kawaguchiko-gala yuzawa-osaka-kyoto-kobe

JR Pass for Tokyo-Kawaguchiko-Gala Yuzawa-Osaka-Kyoto-Kobe

Hello. I'm going to visit Japan for about 12 days. Is my brief itinerary below, especially for Day 5 to Day 11 will be all covered by JR Pass? I need to make sure that JR Pass will be worth for my travel destination.

Day 1 - Day 4 (March 29 - April 1): full day in Tokyo, no use JR Pass

Starting at Day 5, I'm planning to use 7 days JR Pass with travel destination as follow:
Day 5 (April 2): Tokyo to Kawaguchiko
Day 6 (April 3): Kawaguchiko to Tokyo
Day 7 (April 4): Tokyo - Gala Yuzawa - Tokyo - Osaka
Day 8 (April 5): Osaka - Kyoto - Osaka
Day 9 (April 6): Osaka - Kyoto - Osaka
Day 10 (April 7): Osaka - Kobe - Osaka
Day 11 (April 8): full day in Osaka

Day 12: full day in Osaka, no use JR Pass

Thanks in advance. Please suggest.


Hi there,

The JR Pass covers nearly all of your travels and you can make nice savings compared to purchasing normal tickets.

The only part not covered would be the last part from Tokyo - Kawaguchiko, between Otsuki station and Kawaguchiko stations, trains travel on the privately held Fujikyu line. This required an additional fare of 1,180yen. For more information see this post.

The rest is all covered, including bullet train travel to Gala Yuzawa and to Kyoto and Osaka.

Hope this helps,

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Dear Daniel-san,

Thanks for your reply. One more question from me, I try to search the route from Tokyo to Gala Yuzawa using hyperdia on the date i will go to Gala Yuzawa Ski Resort, but it said that route is not found. Is it ok if i change the destination route to Echigo-Yuzawa? Since i show in the map, Gala Yuzawa Station and Echigo Yuzawa Station is near.


Hi again!

Yes, using Echigo Yuzawa instead of Gala Yuzawa works perfectly.

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