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jr 7 day pass for 19 day trip!

JR 7 day pass for 19 day trip!

Hi There,

I'm heading to Japan real soon and wondered if my itinerary was suitable for using the JR pass? Cost is a major factor for me, so I have tried to 'fit-in' the 7 day pass in the middle, whilst using local trains for trips to Nikko, Hakone from Tokyo and local buses for the trip from Hiroshima to Fukuoka and Fukuoka to Nagasaki.

Please let me know if my itinerary is sensible for maximising the 7-day JR pass.

14 November - Tokyo - (arrive late evening from Narita)
15 November - Tokyo
16 November - Tokyo
17 - November Tokyo
18 November - Tokyo (Hakone Day trip) Hakone Free Pass
19 November - Tokyo (Nikko Day trip) - local train
20 November - Tokyo > Kyoto (activate 7 day JR Pass)
21 November - Kyoto
21 November - Kyoto
22 November - Kyoto - Nara (JR train)
23 November - Osaka
24 November - Osaka
25 November - Osaka > Hiroshima (last day of JR Pass)
26 November - Hiroshima
27 November - Hiroshima (Miyajima Day trip)
28 November - Hiroshima > Fukuoka (bus)
28 November - Fukuoka
29 November - Fukuoka > Nagasaki (bus)
30 - November - Nagasaki
1 December - Nagasaki
2 December - Nagasaki > Fukuoka ( bus)
3 December - Fukuoka (fly out 4th from FUK)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Kind Regards,



Hi Karl,

I checked your itinerary for the best options and I don't think it makes sense to use a 7 day JR Pass for the routeas you have it now. Instead I would look at a 14 day JR Pass. This way you could also include the trip to Nikko, Fukuoka and Nagasaki. This way you can make nice savings over purchasing normal rail tickets. Also I think this would actually be cheaper than buy all the separate tickets for the bus and train (though I don't know what fare you have seen).

If you would not go for a 14 day JR Pass, then I think the best alternative would be to buy normal tickets.

Hope this helps,

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Hi there, thanks for the reply.

I have just checked costs on HyperDia and it says that if I were to buy these seats separately, the total cost would be £149 (using yen to gbp google conversion).

Obviously this is cheaper than both passes, and I can buy tickets at my own pace. However, I am unsure as to why it seems so much cheaper to buy separately.

Cant someone check this for me? I don't have much longer whether or not to decide to buy a 14 day pass or not. It seems like a no-brainer at the moment.

Many thanks


Hi again,

Let's have a look at ticket prices and find out for sure:

Tokyo - Nikko (return, shinkansen) ¥ 11,060
Tokyo - Kyoto ¥ 13,600
Kyoto - Nara ¥ 1,420 (return)
Kyoto - Osaka ¥ 560
Osaka - Hiroshima ¥ 10,230
Hiroshima - Fukuoka ¥ 8,940
Fukuoka - Nagasaki ¥ 4,700
Nagasaki - Fukuoka ¥ 4,700

For a total of ¥ 55,210 vs the price of a 14 day JR Pass ¥ 46,390. So a JR Pass is cheaper if you use the Shinkansen mainly for your travels. There are other budget ways of alternative travel available, such as buses and local trains. You may spend less. Hope this gives you a good overview of what the JR Pass could do for you.

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