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jp rail pass or not for 14-16 days itinerary?

JP rail pass or not for 14-16 days itinerary?

Hello, I will be traveling to Japan in May for a 1-month clerkship. My parents will be joining me in June where we will start our trip. Because I will be in Shimane, the plan is to start to trip in Hiroshima so we will all be activating the JR pass at the beginning of the trip and ending the trip in Tokyo (3-5 days).

Here is a brief itinerary:

day 1 (for my parents): tokyo - shimane
day 2: shimane to hiroshima
day 3-4: hiroshima (+miyajima day trip)
day 6: hiroshima - osaka
day 7-8: osaka
day 9: osaka - kyoto
day 10 - 11 : kyoto
day 12 - 16: kyoto - tokyo

We are open to different itineraries as long as we get to see those towns and get the best out of the JR pass. Or should we buy individual train tickets?

Thank you very much!


Hello there,

Shimane is a long trip from Tokyo and traveling there will pretty much pay for the JR Pass itself. In possible I would plan in a stop or two between Shimane and Tokyo, somewhere in Kansai for example.

From Hiroshima I think it makes perfect sense to travel on to Kansai, the area where Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe are located. These places are all close together and you can visit them all with the JR Pass.

Once you arrive in Tokyo, consider making a day trip to Nikko as well.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much! It helps a lot!

I still have two questions:

  1. The reserved seat (non green) don't need additionnal fees?

  2. Will the 7 day rail pass be enough then and buy an additionnel ticket to tokyo? versus the 14 day pass?


Hi again!

1.) Seat reservations are free with the JR pass. Find out here how to make seat reservations.

2.) I would go for the 14 day JR pass. The price difference between a ticket from Kyoto - Tokyo and the upgrade to a 14 day JR pass is only around 3,000yen. You get a full week of additional travel for this price and it is very easy to make more savings this way.

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