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japan travel on september 2014 ( not sure that you received my answer )

Japan travel on September 2014 ( not sure that you received my answer )

Hello Daniel

Sorry for my late reply. I checked everything in different ways and checked different routes. Anf finally arrive to this one :

Day 1 : Arriving to Hiroshima 500 JPY

Day 2 : Hiroshima 1000 JPY

Day 3 : Hiroshima-Miyajima-Hiroshima 1200 JPY

Day 4 : Hiroshima-Osaka 10 300 JPY + 500 JPY = 10800 JPY

Day 5 : Osaka 1000 JPY

Day 6 : Osaka-Koyasan-Osaka 2520 JPY

Day 7 : Osaka-Nara-Osaka 1600 JPY + 500 JPY = 2100 JPY

Day 8 : Osaka-Kyoto 560 JPY + 500 JPY = 1060 JPY

Day 9 : Kyoto 500 JPY

Day 10 : Kyoto 500 JPY

Day 11 : Kyoto-Iseshi 3620 JPY

Day 12 : Iseshi 500 JPY

Day 13 : Iseshi-Tokyo 12590 JPY

Day 14 : Nikko arround 3000 JPY with a Nikko 2 day pass on Tobu Line

Day 15 & 16 : Tokyo-Fuji 5 lakes-Tokyo 6300 JPY

Day 17 to 19 : Tokyo 3 x 1000 JPY

When it is mentionned 500 JPY or 1000 JPY it is for public transport in the city.

I would prefer choose the 3 weeks JR Pass because it is more convenient than book every day a train but with my itineray my total will be 50190 JPY and the 3 weeks JRPass is at 59350 JPY

What do you think of that ?

Can you confirm that the Nikko pass is ok ? It seems very cheap

I am really tired to search all the imaginable route and would like to decide everything before the end of the month

Thank you very much


Hello there,

I am sorry for the late replay, I was sure that I had posted a replay in your earlier post but it seems I was mistaken or the post was lost. Without further a due. lets get started!

Your own research is done very thoroughly and your assessment is good. Actually there's not much I can add to it. Nice to know for the visit to Nikko may be that the Nikko pass is for the Tobu lines, these take about 60-90 min longer than the Shinkansen but are a good alternative.

Your search has come to and end and I think that you are ready to go!

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