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japan travel in october

Japan travel in October

Hi, my partner n i have been planning to go to Japan in October. We will arrive in Osaka on 17Oct 7am.
We plan to go to Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo(2days), FujiQ Highland and Disneyland. We tried to avoid going to the themeparks on weekends as its going to be lots of people. Do u have any idea on the best way for us to travel. Thanks! =)


Oh forgot to mention. Our flight back is on 23 Oct 11am from Osaka


Hi there!

Travel between Osaka and Kyoto is very easy, as there is a direct bullet train connection traveling between both cities, which is covered by the JR Pass. Disney Land in Tokyo can also be reached by direct connection from Tokyo station, just take the train to the station called maihama and walk from there (about 5min).

FujiQ Highland is best reached by bus from Tokyo station, you can find the access page here.

What I would do is plan Disney Land as a day trip from Tokyo, you can do the same for FujiQ or plan a nights stay in around the park.

I hope this helps!

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