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Itinerary Tokyo

I want to check if JRP for 7days is needed for my following itinerary. Is it worth the trip transportation or we can purchase a 3 days JRP.

March 16- arrival at narita airport to tokyo tower nearby hotel. Then tour around .
March 17- Disneyland
March 18- tour package includes transpo from tokyo to mt fuji vice versa
March 1920tour aroun nearby city( asakusa, shiboku, shinjuku, sakura moss pink( where is this), odaiba, shinjuya, harajuku,yokohama, ropongi ( what actually can we see here.)
March 21- evening back to narita airport(end of holiday)

Thank you very much for your upcoming help.


Hi there,

Most of your travel is located within Tokyo. A JR Pass is best used for travel nation wide, such as to Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka.

For this itinerary I would simply buy normal day passes for the JR or the Tokyo Metro.

The sakura moss pink (I think you mean the Fuji Shibazakura festival is not within Tokyo and I think it may be too far away to add in with all the other travel you plan to do.

Roppongi is mostly known for its night life, you'll see many foreigners coming together here to share a pint.

Hope this helps,

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