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itinerary including 5 days skiing hakuba.

Itinerary including 5 days skiing hakuba.


I'm traveling to Japan for some skiing and sight seeing. Not sure if the JR is worth it.
Rough idea of the itinerary :
Fly into Tokyo spend one night or go directy to Hakuba area
4 days skiing there and visit the snowmonkeys and nearby villages.
Continue from Hakuba to Kyoto
spent 2-3 days in Kyoto and visit Nara
Get back to Tokyo and spend 2-3 days in the city.

If I could have a pass allowing me to have non consecutive days that would be better I think.

Thank you


Hi there,

Every nationwide Japan Rail Pass is counted is consecutive days. A 7 day JR Pass would be a really good option if you could cover travel from Tokyo - Hakuba - Kyoto - Tokyo with it but I can see that this could limit your planning options.

The next option would be a 14 day JR Pass but you'd have to do more travel for it to be economic. For now I would look at a 7 day JR Pass or buying normal rail tickets.

You can use the JR Pass Fare Calculator to find an approximate ticket cost of a single route or even your full itinerary.

Hope this helps,

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