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Itinerary help


I had a few questions as I am finalizing my itinerary below.

Tokyo > Fujikawachiko
Kyoto - Day trip to Nara
Osaka- Day trip to Himeji
Osaka>Mount Koya
Mount Koya>Tokyo

In my itinerary I actually had it booked Hakone first then Fujikawachiko next but realized that I will be going in a big circle on the JR rail and losing some time.

So my questions are:

  1. Can I take a bus from Fujikawachiko to Hakone or should I take the JR rail?

  2. I will be purchasing a 14 day JR pass. Will it cover all of my travels above? If not can you please advise so I know to be ready for which ones to purchase and buy ahead of time.

  3. If you could make any changes what would they be?




Hi Frankie,

1.) I'd advise taking the bus from Gotemba (near Hakone) to Fuji-Kawaguchiko (or the other way around). This would be the fastest way to travel between both areas. It can be done by rail but this literally adds hours.

2.) All long distance travel (which is rather pricey) is completely covered by the JR Pass. However you may have to purchase additional local tickets within Hakone and for the last part between Osaka - Mount Koya. This last is less than a 1,000yen if you take a rapid express train.

3.) I think it looks very nice for the time allotted. If you had more time, I would have added in a visit to Kyushu.

Hope this helps!

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