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itinerary check for first time visit to japan

Itinerary check for first time visit to Japan


I will visit Japan for the first time in October and I'm thinking about the itinerary below:

Day 1: Arrival in Fukuoka, train to Nagasaki
Day 2: Nagasaki
Day 3: Nagasaki – Kumamoto
Day 4: Kumamoto (day trip to Mount Aso)
Day 5: Kumamoto – Hiroshima
Day 6: Hiroshima (day trip Mijayima)
Day 7: Hiroshima – Himeji) – Osaka
Day 8: Osaka (maybe day trip Ise)
Day 9: Osaka (day trip Nara)
Day 10: Osaka - Kyoto
Day 11: Kyoto
Day 12: Kyoto
Day 13: Kyoto – Matsumoto
Day 14: Matsumoto
Day 15: Matsumoto – Kawaguchi
Day 16: Kawaguchi
Day 17: Kawaguchi – Tokyo
Day 18: Tokyo
Day 19: Tokyo (day trip Kamakura)
Day 20: Tokyo (day trip Nikko
Day 21: Tokyo
Day 22: Flight back home from Narita

Could you please advise me wether this itinerary is realistic and what JR Pass would be best (I'm thinking about the pass for 21 days)?
Are all trips (except for Kawaguchi and Ise) covered by the JR Pass? Where and how can I buy the additional tickets?
I will be carrying a large suitcase, does the Green Car provide more room for luggage than the Standard car?

Thank you very much in advance.


Hi there,

I think it looks like a great plan. Kyushu is the best part of Japan - at least if you ask me - and visiting Nagasaki and Kumamoto is great. I would advise the 21 day JR Pass, because you'll be travelling with the train from the beginning until the end. As you already discovered, the JR Pass will cover the entire trip, except for travel around Kawaguchiko.

Green Class provides a little more space for your suitcase, be it because seats have more space between them. I would recommend travelling in Green Class if you wish to enjoy more comfort and quiet. However I would not recommend travelling Green Class if you just want a little more space to put your luggage.

Hope this helps!

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