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itinerary check for 10 day trip to japan

Itinerary Check for 10 day Trip to Japan


  I have been reading a lot about Japan Rail Pass, but am still unsure if a 7 day JR pass is worth it or if I should get separate tickets. My itinerary is as follows:

30 January: Arrive Osaka and transfer to Kyoto
30 January - 1 February : Stay Kyoto (visit Kyoto, Nara and Osaka)
2 February: Leave Kyoto to Nozawa Onsen (skiing)
2 February to 5 February: Stay Nozawa Onsen (skiing)
6 February: Leave Nozawa Onsen to Tokyo
6 February - 7 February: Stay Tokyo.
8 February: Narita express from Tokyo

I have tried using Hypermedia to gauge costs, but it returns a much longer route from Kyoto to Nozawa Onsen, than the one listed on their website: Kyoto - Nogoya Station - Nagano Station -Nozawa Onsen. I was planning to use the 7 day pass from 2 Feb to 8 Feb to save costs on the two long journeys, any information on whether its worth it would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Hi there!

When looking up Nozawa Onsen using Hyperidia, search for the station togari-nozawa-onsen. This is the train station for Nozawa Onsen. (Looking up just Nozawa will result in a place about 4 hours away from the Nozawa you wish to go to). Here is an example route. The normal ticket price is ¥ 10,860.
It's an other ¥ 8,500 from Nozawa - Tokyo by rail, which adds up to ¥ 19,360. This would not cover the price of a 7 day JR Pass yet, so you may be better of buying normal tickets.

I hope this helps and enjoy the snow!

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