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itinerary check and train pass

Itinerary check and train pass


I'm glad that I've came across this website! It looks wonderful! I would like to check if this itinerary is feasible. Please feel free to give recommendation so that my friends and I can save time or even money from transportation. My friends and I will be going to Japan 7-19 December 2014.

7 Dec: Osaka Airport to Tokyo.
8-11 Dec: Tokyo
12 Dec: Tokyo to Kawaguchiko
13 Dec: Kawaguchiko to Kyoto
14-18 Dec: Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and Kobe
19 Dec: Kyoto to Osaka Airport (9.40am)

Could you please recommend if this itinerary is feasible or we should make some adjustment to the itinerary and also could you please recommend the train pass we should purchase?

Thank you so much for your help! Really appreciate it! :D


Hi there,

I think the itinerary makes for a great start. Adjustment I would make is to visit Kawaguchiko as a day trip from Tokyo or return to Tokyo before travelin on to Kyoto. This is because it's a very long route from Kawaguchiko - Kyoto and basically means returning to Tokyo in any event.

I would recommend a 7 day JR Pass, this would work great since you visit Tokyo and then return to Osaka, this will allow you to make nice savings over normal ticket prices and also make your travel for easy as the JR Pass is just one ticket for all your travel. Be sure to use it from the 7th until the 13th to make the most of it.

Hope this helps,

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Hi daniel san, its me again.. I want to ask about your advice above.. If want go to kyoto, its better go back to tokyo 1st then go to kyoto from there, how about if i want go to osaka from kawaguchiko? Is it better to go back to tokyo 1st too??

So my itinerary is.
20aug arrive at haneda stay overnight at airport
21aug-25 aug in tokyo
25aug morning go to kawaguchiko stay 1 night there
26 morning go to osaka from kawaguchiko-1st sept (flight back to hometown from kansai airport in the afternoon)

So i decide just stay in osaka then do day trip to kyoto, kobe, nara, etc from osaka, rather than i stay 1 or 2 night in kyoto then move again changing hotel to osaka after that because dont want get difficult to carry luggage.

How about my itinerary above? Do u suggest i go back to tokyo again from kawaguchiko then go to osaka from tokyo? Or just straight to osaka from kawaguchiko.

And do you think 4 nights in tokyo and 6 night in osaka is good?? Or i should reduce my stay in osaka and give more nights in tokyo??

How about if i buy 7days JR pass and then for the rest of my trip i buy regional kansai pass for 5 days?? Or just buy 14days JR pass??

Thanks before for the answer daniel san..



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