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itinerary check and jr pass combine

itinerary check and JR pass combine

Hi daniel san, its me again.. I want to ask about your advice above.. If want go to kyoto, its better go back to tokyo 1st then go to kyoto from there, how about if i want go to osaka from kawaguchiko? Is it better to go back to tokyo 1st too??

So my itinerary is.
20aug arrive 22.30pm at haneda stay overnight at airport
21aug-25 aug in tokyo visit shibuya, shinjuku, asakusa, disneyland, etc
25aug morning go to kawaguchiko stay 1 night there
26 morning go to osaka from kawaguchiko-1st sept (flight back to hometown from kansai airport in the afternoon)

So i decide just stay in osaka then do day trip to kyoto, kobe, nara, etc from osaka, rather than i stay 1 or 2 night in kyoto then move again changing hotel to osaka after that because dont want get difficult to carry luggage.

How about my itinerary above? Do u suggest i go back to tokyo again from kawaguchiko then go to osaka from tokyo? Or just straight to osaka from kawaguchiko.

And do you think 4 nights in tokyo and 6 night in osaka is good?? Or i should reduce my stay in osaka and give more nights in tokyo??

How about if i buy 7days JR pass and then for the rest of my trip i buy JR regional kansai pass for 4 days?? Or just buy 14days JR pass??
Or maybe buy regional tokyo pass plus regional kansai pass consider its one way travel from tokyo-kawaguchiko-osaka..

Thanks before for the answer daniel san..



Hello Andre,

If you want to visit Kawaguchiko, it would be best to visit it from Tokyo. Going there by rail from Kyoto/Osaka just takes very long and you will most likely travel via Tokyo station then anyway. This also applies the other way around :)

My advise would be to visit Kawaguchiko as a day trip from Tokyo, this is the most relaxed option and the train ride is worth making as well.

4 Nights in Tokyo and 6 in Osaka is completely fine, especially since you'll be visiting other places near Osaka as well, such as Nara and Kyoto.

Since your long distance travel is limited to a one way ride Tokyo - Osaka (with a visit to Kawaguchiko), I would advise buying normal tickets as you travel. Local travel in Kansai is also low cost, so you may just want to go there with other tickets as well. If you do a lot of travel within Kansai then you could also consider an area pass.

Hope this helps,

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So u advice its better i buy like pasmo or suica card to travel around? And buy the shinkansen ticket separate for one way from tokyo to osaka?
And the 2nd thing is, i get difficult using hyperdia, i already uncheck the private railway and airplane and nozomi shinkansen, but sometime no result, like i try input from Shinjuku(JR) to kawaguchiko and the date is 16dec then the time is 09.00 am type departure.. But i didnt get any result?.. There is something wrong?? And i try from TOKYO to Kawaguchiko, other parameter still same with before, but no result too...

But when i try to input from Shinjuku(JR) to Kyoto, uncheck that 3 option above, and the date is 6jun 2015 time travel 9.00am type departure, its success shown up the result there is 5 option route..
So whats wrong with travel route to kawaguchiko?? So i get difficult to plan and calculate my transport expense to compare which best, buying JR Pass or normal tickets, so far i know is the cost from tokyo to osaka include shinkansen is around 13.600 yen one way.. Another route i get difficult with the result..

I type 1 by 1 letter and click the station name when the list scroll down, to make sure im not type it wrong, but still no result.. Im confuse..


Hi Again,

Part of the way to Kawaguchiko is traveled on a private railway so leave that one. This will give you the correct route. There are also buses from Kawaguchiko - Tokyo. They may also be of interest to you.

See the below link for more details.

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Thank you daniel san, the bus look like is a great option too, but how about the traffic there if we take the bus?? According to the website i think not really big different time between train and bus, it takes around 100 minute to Fujikyu highland and 150 mins to 5th station..


And 1 more thing daniel san, i read in 1 of the website when i searching for any festival or event maybe i can go when mid to end august and i got that august is the beginning of typhoon season... Is it true? And is it bad condition?? I mean i dont want arrive there and we stuck cant go anywhere because the typhoon...


Hi there,

There's indeed little difference, however the bus is a little cheaper and does not require a transfer, it's always good to know your options.

Typhoons do indeed happen, generally it just means a lot of rain if a Typhoon lands, I once was on a ferry to Okinawa when there was a Typhoon and it just got delayed.

The best thing is to check the weather forecast before you start your day.

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