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itinerary check

Itinerary Check


Here is my itinerary. Should I get a 7 day pass or a 14 day pass?

Thank you!

July 30 -- Fly to Kansai Airport

August 3 -- Take train to Hiroshima (and activate pass)

August 7 -- Take train to Nagasaki

August 9 -- Take train to Kyoto

August 10 -- Visit Kobe

August 11 -- Take boat to Kansai International airport


Hi there,

I reviewed your itinerary to find the best options and recommend buying a 7 day JR Pass, to use from August 3rd - Aug 9ths. This will by far give you the best possible savings and you can cover the major part of your travels with the JR Pass. Then just buy a one way ticket Kyoto - Kobe (it's about 1,100yen).

Hope this helps,

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