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itinerary check

Itinerary check

I Will Travel to Japan this April for 10 days.I'll use jrpass but still confused about jrpass line.
1 I'll start from Osaka
2 Osaka - nara - Osaka
3 Osaka - Kyoto - Osaka
4 Osaka - shirakawa go - Tokyo
5 Tokyo
6 Saitama
7 Tokyo - hakodate
8 hakodate - lake toya - Sapporo
9 Sapporo - Otaru - niseko
10 Sapporo - New chitose

Does all my itinerary covered by jrpass especialy hakodate - lake toya - Sapporo (muroran line)?
Sapporo - niseko (Jr hakodate line)? and Sapporo - New chitose (Jr rapit AirPort)?

Thanks for reply ^^


Hi there,

The JR Pass covers all JR lines nation wide, this includes all of Hokkaido and the places there that you plan to visit.

The only part I see which is not fully covered, would be Shirakawa-go. Here you have to take a bus, either from Takayama or Kanazawa and nether of these would be covered. Train travel to Takayama or Kanazawa is covered, just not the bus :)

In case you are still confused, have a look at our interactive map. It shows you all JR lines included.

Hope this helps,


Thank you very much Daniel.. this's really helpful
My another question is how to reserved seat? And when should i reserved seat?
Thanks you again ^^


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