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itinerary check

Next month I'll finally come in Japan, but please, I need a little help for my itinerary and I have a couple of question:

this is the route
Narita Airport, Tonosawa, Izu-Kogen, Kyoto, Kanazawa, Tokyo, Narita Airport

From NARITA AIRPORT TERMINAL 1 to TONOSAWA 12:20 pm Nov/2016/07 details:
From Narita Airport Terminal 1 to Shinagawa with LTD. EXP. NARITA EXPRESS 20 (Included inside jrp)
From Shinagawa to Odawara with Shinkansen Kodama 659 (Included inside jrp)
From Odawara to Hakone - Yumoto with Hakone Tozan Railway for HAKONE-YUMOTO (outisde jrp)
From Hakone - Yumoto to Tonosawa with Hakone Tozan Railway for Gora (outside jrp)

From Tonosawa to Izu-Kogen 09:53 am Nov/2016/10 details:
From Tonosawa to Hakone - Yumoto with Hakone Tozan Railway for Hakone-Yumoto (outside jrp)
From Hakone-Yumoto to Odawara with Hakone Tozan Railway for ODAWARA (outside jrp)
From Odawara to Atami with SHINKANSEN KODAMA 645 (Included inside jrp)
From Atami to Izu-kogen with LTD. EXP SUPER VIEW ODORIKO 3 (is this inside the jrp?)

From Izu-Kogen to Kyoto 12:46 pm Nov/2016/11 details:
From Izu-Kogen to Odawara with LTD. EXP ODORIKO 106 (Included inside jrp)
From Odawara to KYOTO with SHINKANSEN HIKARI 515 (Included inside jrp)

From Kyoto to Kanazawa 11:10 am Nov/2016/15 details:
From Kyoto to Kanazawa with LTD. EXP Thunderbird 17 (Included inside jrp)

From Kanazawa To Tokyo 11:56 am Nov/2016/17 details:
From Kanazawa to Tokyo with Shinkanse Hakutaka 562 (is this inside the jrp?)

From Tokyo to Narita Airport 10:00 am Nov/2016/19 details:
From Tokyo to Narita Airport with LTD. EXP NARITA EXPRESS 15 (Included inside jrp)

Do you see any error? Do you know a better travel route for my destinations?
Are the Shinkanse Hakutaka and LTD. EXP SUPER VIEW ODORIKO 3 inside the JRP?

I read on internet that in Tokyo I can't smoke on the streets. What about the other Japan cities?

Thank you very much!


Hi there,

The LTD. EXP SUPER VIEW ODORIKO 3 is covered up to Ito, from there an additional fare is required to Izu-kogen.

All Shinkansen lines are covered by the JR Pass, including the Shinkansen Hakutaka 562.

Smoking in Japan is generally not allowed and you will be fined for doing so. There are designated smoking areas in each city. Generally, this is different in the countryside but you should never throw your cigarette buts on the street.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Daniel-san
best regards


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