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itinerary advice please

Itinerary advice please


I need some help with my itinerary. I will be in Japan 11 days. Thanks in advance for your input!

I arrive in Narita. I will keep my visit to Tokyo short because I've seen the major sights. I really want to visit Kappabashi and the parasite museum. Maybe add a second day. Two days Tokyo is the maximum.

After Tokyo I go to Nagayama. Then I'm hesitating between going to Inuyama first and then to Takayama or going to Takyama immediately. Should I spend one or two days in Takayama?

After Takayama I want to visit Kyoto. I've seen the main sights and would like to stay one full day. Day 8 of my trip has to be Kinosaki because I already booked accomodation. The rest can be moved around if that would be more convinient.

I would also like to visit Himeji, Osaka and Hiroshima or Mount Koyasan (one day each). I leave from Osaka (KIX).

As you can see nothing is set in stone yet and I'm having trouble figuring out which would be the most logical way to do things.

What would be wisest: 7 day pass + paying the extra tickets or a 14day pass? If it's the 7d pass, when should I start it?

If I am counting the days right, you can fit everything into 7 days if you activate your pass immediately before leaving Tokyo. That would make the pass pay off handsomely. The only real snag is for Koyasan where the pass is of limited value. These website have more info about sightseeing & access:

For Takayama, it is definitely worth spending a night - especially in a farm house.


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