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itinerary 8 - 19 dec 2015

Itinerary 8 - 19 Dec 2015


I will be travelling to Japan (first time) from 8 - 19 Dec 2015. I have listed the following as my itinerary. I am still considering to get the JR Pass (which pass?) and could you advice, if the itinerary would be ok for the dates that I am planning to travel.

8 - 12 Dec : Arrive in Tokyo (Narita), staying near Suitengu- Mae station
12 - 16 Dec : Depart for Osaka - will include side trips to Kyoto & Nara, staying near shin-osaka station
16 - 18 Dec : Depart for Lake Kawaguchiko and staying 2 nites
18 - 19 Dec : Depart back to Tokyo, staying 1 nite and departing back to Singapore on 19 Dec (nite flight)

nurul abu
nurul abu

Hello there,

This one is a little bit hard to give advice for. Whether a JR Pass can help you make savings, depends on how you will travel from Osaka - Kawaguchiko. There are different routes. One is all the way by rail via Tokyo/Yokohama and the other is to take the Shinkansen to Mishima station and bus from there.

If you take the route by rail, then the JR Pass can help you make savings compared to buying normal tickets. If you use the bus, then it won't.

The itinerary looks good, though you should look at the route Osaka - Kawaguchiko beforehand because it is a long route that involves multiple transfers along the way and takes about 5-6h of travel.

Hope this helps,

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