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Hi Daniel,

Would you mind having a look at this itinerary and seeing if it makes sense/if a JR pass would be good value? We wanted to check out Kamikochi but I think it closes from November 15th so we may only just make it. We've been to Kyoto and Osaka before which is why we haven't allocated much time for it.

Arrive Tokyo 10th Nov at night (Narita)
11th - Travel to Matsumoto
12th - Kamikochi
13th - Tateyama/Toyama or Kanazawa via Alpine pass
14th - Kyoto
15th-18th - Osaka (with perhaps a side trip to Kobe and Nara)
19-20th - Hiroshima (day trip to Miyajima Island)
21-24th - Tokyo, flying out on 24th (Narita)



Hi Dan,

I do think that using a 14 day JR Pass here would work well. Travel to Hiroshima especially can be expancive without a JR Pass and most of your other travel would also be covered by the JR Pass.

The parts that are not included would be the bus to Kamikochi from Matsumoto and travel from Toyama to Tateyama and and Alpine route.

The trip looks very good!

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