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For my below itinerary, how should I use the JR Takayama 5day tourist pass & other day passes to maximise savings? Should I get the 5day pass only for the 1st & last 5days of my trip then use day pass or normal tickets for the middle 5 days etc? Or get 3 consecutive 5day passes?

I have made some initial plan as below, but only the first 3 nights are fixed for staying in Osaka (Namba station), the other days can be adjusted if needed to optimise on the passes needed. Would appreciate if you can advise on any other nearby places that we can make full use of the pass.

14th Nov 2016 to 1 Dec 2016--3 ladies travelling

Day 1 (14/11) : Itami arrival 8.30pm >> Osaka (Namba station)
D2 : Market, Dotombori etc
D3 : Kenrokuen Garden
D4 : >> to Gero Sta
D5 to D6 : Gero area,
D7 : >> to Takayama Sta
D8 to D9 : Takayama, plus maybe Shirakawa-go daytrip?
D10 : >> to Kanazawa Sta
D11 to 12 : Kanazawa area, maybe Kaga onsen or Yuzawa onsen daytrip?
D13 : >> to Kyoto
D14 to 17 : Kyoto, plus maybe Nara daytrip?
D18 (1/12) : >> to Itami airport (easier to take airport limo bus?)

Many thanks in advance!


Hi there,

You could look at the Takayama Hokuriku 5 day pass but I am not really sure how you'd match it to your itinerary. This is basically because you will be travelling more than 5 days.

As your itinerary looks nice, you'll already be travelling quite a bit and I am not sure if it would make sense to add even more places.

For returning to Itami, using an airport limo is not a bad idea, as getting there otherwise can involve a couple of transfers.

Hope this helps,

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Actually I was wondering if I should get the Takayama Hokuriku 5 day pass consecutively, as in the below scenarios:
a)1st 5-days from 14th to 18th Nov, followed by 2nd block of 5-days from 19th to 23rd Nov & 3rd pass from 24th to 28th?
b) is it more cos-efficient to have passes for only the 1st & 3rd blocks of 5-days & just take local buses/day pass for the 2nd block of 5-days & last few days?
c) start the 1st pass from day 4 only when I transfer from Osaka to Gero & then get the 2nd & 3rd pass till the last day? OR
d) start the 1st pass from day 4 only when I transfer from Osaka to Gero & then get the 2nd pass BUT take day pass to cover last 5 days in Kyoto as I heard JR doesn't cover all of Kyoto?

Hope you know what I mean...thanks in advance.


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