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is this possible?

Is this possible?


This is a rough planning of my bagpacking tour of Japan. I will activate the JR pass 4/5-12.

Landing in Narita 2/5
Narita 3ddg, 2/5-4/5-Activating JRPass
Hakodate 6 ddg witg excursion to ex Sapporo, 5/5-11/5 (May go earlier, depends when the cherry blossoms bloom, heard it will be 10/5)
Tokyo 1 ddg, 11/5-12/5, overnight stay
Hakone 1ddg, 12/5-13/5-Onseen + Ryokan
Nagoya 3ddg, 13/5-16/5- I'm thinking 1 overnight in Nagoya, take the bus, 2h, to Magome. Walk between Magome and Tsumago, 7-8km, overnight stay Tsumago, go back to Nagoya.
Hiroshima 3ddg 16/5-18/5, I am planning to go directly to Miyajima island and sleep there and look at the temples of course.
Osaka 2ddg 18/5-20/5-Eat Soba!
Kyoto 20/5-25/5- 5ddg- Exploring Kyota and doing photoshot of me as a Maiko. JR Pass ends.
Tokyo 25/5-29/5-4ddg-Exploring Tokyo
Narita-30/5- Bye Bye Japan!

What do you think? Am I crazy?

Thanks Chibi


Hi there!

I think looking at your itinerary you are looking at a 21 day pass. This is the pass that I'd recommend for your trip.

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